Sunday, September 27, 2009

More pictures on Toong Wah Tong Cave Temple in Ipoh @ Jalan Tambun

Here are some more pictures taken within the vicinity of the cave temple located 50m away from Lost World of Tambun:

Main entrance of the temple

Some of the committee members of the temple

Watch the video here:

The main altar of the temple

The entrance of the temple at the foot of the hill

Look at the beautiful scenery of the temple

One of the signages at the entrance that reads: "If you arrive at the top of hill at the temple, it is fate. If you descend from the hill it is your destiny".

One of the many structures formed by stalactite and stalagmite that resembles an elephant

A view in the temple looking out from the cave

The painting of a green dragon located on the right side of the temple

Another painting of a white tigeron the left side of the temple

Another hand painting at the side of the temple

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