Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ipoh Famous Dim Sum - Foh San Restaurant

Sept 25, 2009

Just 2 days ago, my family and I took our chance to go to Foh San new outlet which opened about a month ago. We have tried many times before but ended up eating at Ming Court just located opposite of Foh San as we struggled to get a seat.

My sister Merlin and hubby Seng Kee enjoying their dim sum all the way from Melaka

Ooh .. that's my son Jansen and my mother-in-law

But we were lucky this time though as most of the visitors have left Ipoh after a long Hari Raya weekend. We were lucky this time as we also got a good car park and a good table labeled as C9.

See the auspicious table number with my daughter Sharon. Behind is the fully computerized payment counter

Our first impression is that it looks much better than a fast food outlet and even better than a kopi tiam. Everything was well planned and well positined with good fengshui.

We ordered quite a variety from big pau to lopak ko and of course all the other creative dim sum. Forget about the price if you realy enjoy a good dim sum as you are paying for the good ambience as well.

My sister really loves the dim sum and decided to do a ta pau. Look at the impressive take away counter

As if not enough, we managed to ta pau some of our favorite dim sum. There is a corner for take away food just by the road side strategically located.

A must for travelers to Ipoh. Foh San is located along Jalan Leong Sin Nam just behind Maybank. See map below:

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