Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lailatul’s kuih bahulu going like hot cakes - Star


Housewife Lailatul Mohd Noor’s kuih bahulu is in such great demand that she has been forced to stop accepting orders for Hari Raya.

Since last Sunday, she has been churning out 3,000 pieces of the Raya favourite daily — an astounding feat for one person. She uses 300 eggs, and 10kg each of flour and sugar in a day.

“I start at 4am and finish at around midnight each day, resting only during buka puasa times, all for the sake of making some extra money for Raya.

“Sometimes, my son and daughter help me with the packing,” she said while removing trays of freshly baked kuih bahulu from a modest-looking oven in her home in Jelapang here.

Hot demand: Lailatul packing the freshly baked kuih bahulu at her home in Jelapang yesterday

Lailatul’s customers come from as far as Kuala Kangsar and Kuala Lumpur.

“They are mostly regulars who have been buying from me the seven years I’ve been baking at home,” said Lailatul, 42, who had been making the cake since she was a teenager.

Sold as Laili World Bahulu, her kuih bahulu are also available at selected shops in the city on normal days.

Asked what was so special about her kuih bahulu, Lailatul said:

“I’ve been told by customers that my kuih bahulu is more traditional compared with others and that they like it because I do not use any baking powder.”

Lailatul can be contacted at 019-3759449.

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