Friday, October 10, 2008

Fine dining in cosy ambience - Star


IF you have a penchant for fine dining, you will be delighted with Impiana Casuarina hotel’s newest outlet in Ipoh.

Called The Bistro, it offers fine dining in a casual and relaxed atmosphere, complete with excellent service, live music and most of all, excellent food.

It is a place where anyone would feel comfortable and at home, whether you are dressed casually in smart attire or ready for a wild party or an elegant and romantic dinner. It is the place to indulge in a full course meal or just to sip refreshing drinks, mocktails and wine.

As for the menu, you will find it is a delectable and delightful combination of the best of Asian and Western cuisine €“ now popularly known in the culinary world as fusion.

As for their full four-course meal, you can start with the masterpiece called Angel Hair Crispy Tiger Prawn. But before that, there is chicken with mayo salsa.

The prawns are fried in crispy batter and surrounded by a myriad of tastes including mayo ginger, creamy and rich avocado salsa, wasabi dressing and tobikko caviar. Sounds confusing, but the combination of tastes is something you simply have to experience to understand.

The second course is wild mushroom soup topped with coconut snow, namely a dollop of coconut cream, which somehow lent a special aftertaste to the creamy soup which is also complemented by sprigs of coriander.

For fish lovers: Teriyaki Glazed Salmon Fillet.

Already more than half full and with the experience of a fusion of tantalising tastes, there is still the main course to come. For this, you can choose a medium chargrilled fillet mignon steak. The meal comes dressed with a rich sauce, with a side of garlic potato gnocchi, asparagus spears and herb glaze.

The potato gnocchi is simply mouth-wateringly rich and creamy and the meat done to perfection with its juices intact to give you that original flavour enhanced by the sauce.

And of course, no four course meal is complete without desert which is in the form of a chocolate truffle blakey with sabayon sauce, berry compote and tuille.

Their signature concoction €“ Dragon Frizz €“ is an award winning mocktail at the prestigious Salon Culinaire Malaysia 2007 competition.

Other tantalising dishes from the menu include Cutlet of Lamb Rack, Glazed Salmon Fillet and Prune and Pistachio Pudding.

Although an upmarket higher end dining outlet, the prices are nevertheless considered reasonable, especially for a hotel-based eatery.

The Bistro is open from Mondays to Saturdays with lunch hours from 12pm to 3pm, and dinner is served between 7pm to 11pm.

For reservation, call the hotel at 05-2555555.

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