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Cheap eats in Cheras - Star

Aug 10, 2008 Compiled by RENITA CHE WAN

BLOGGER Ipohwav3 thought he’d round up all his friends, including avid food blogger J2Kfm, for dinner in Cheras. Earlier, his boss had brought food from a restaurant for lunch and everyone at the office seemed so impressed that Ipohwav3 decided to head to that outlet with his friends.

“At first, we all thought that Eiffel Restaurant & Dessert House served only Western dishes, but that’s not the case.

Thai Style Fish Fillet

“It serves mostly simple Chinese and Teochew dishes with a twist (although we never really get the Teochew feel, but nevermind that).

“We definitely liked the Thai Style Fish Fillet which was lightly battered, deep fried and tossed with tangy spicy Thai sauce, onion and cucumber.

“My boss and I had eaten the Salted Egg Fried Rice before and so I ordered it again. But this time, it failed to impress us,” wrote the blogger.

“The salted egg yolk (flavour) was mild and by the time we dug in, it was a little cold.

“Luckily, the Money Bags dish was still as good as I remembered it to be.

“They used seasoned minced fish paste with some chopped spring onions and wolfberries; all wrapped with thin wantan skin, deep fried and served on a bed of shredded iceberg lettuce and wolfberries.

“There were several new dishes on the menu so we decided to give some of them a try.

“First on the list was the Lemongrass Chicken Pan Mee and it made me want to have Vietnamese-style pan mee.”

Money Bags

The blogger wrote the pan mee served was the dry version, the “hand-torn type” with delicious chunks of tender chicken infused with lemon grass, onion, spring onion and crushed peanuts in a dark, sticky dark sauce.

“The Crabmeat Pan Mee was also the ‘hand-torn type’ style, cooked in a chicken broth with cornflour (resembling shark’s fin soup consistency), egg, prawns, fish fillets, crabmeat sticks, spring onions, parsley and fish roe but somehow, it wasn’t that good.

“It was quite bland and the broth was a little too thick for my liking.

“As the name of the restaurant implies, crushed ice desserts are available so I settled for my old favourite Ais Kacang with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

“My friends had the Ice Mango Milk, Ice Blended Soursop and Mint Chocolate Milk Shake.

“The best part of the whole dinner was when the bill came! It didn’t even reach RM100 for the five of us – reasonable!

Eiffel Restaurant & Dessert House is located at 159, Jalan Lanchang, Taman Seri Bahtera, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. Blog address:
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