Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Easy steps to make dumplings - The Star

HAINANESE dumplings stand out among the usual dumplings as these are wrapped with banana leaves instead of bamboo leaves. These are also tied individually while the others hang from a bundle of hemp strings.

The Selangor and Federal Territory Hainan Association Women’s Section members demonstrated the methods to make the pyramid-shaped delights. The dumplings are later boiled until thoroughly cooked.

To make these, hemp strings, banana leaves (grill them over charcoal fire, then wipe clean) are required.


Glutinous rice (soaked overnight, drained then fried with garlic, salt and soy sauce), Chinese mushrooms, dried shredded squid, shallots, dried shrimps (saute separately), pork (marinated with seasoning, then fried), salted egg yolk, chestnuts (steamed or boiled)


Step 1: Tie two hemp strings together by making two knots — a few centimetres apart — in the middle of the strings.

Step 2: There should be a loop like this if you tie the strings correctly.

Step 3: Lay one banana leaf on top of another.

Step 4: Fold the leaves diagonally twice.

Step 5: Open the folded leaves to form a cone.

Step 6: Add one tablespoon of glutinous rice, followed by various desired ingredients, then cover with another two tablespoons of glutinous rice.

Step 7: Wrap the leaves tightly.

Step 8: Place the loop of the hemp strings at the top of the pyramid-shaped dumpling. Cross the strings at the bottom of the dumpling. Pull them through the loop, then pull towards the bottom of the dumpling again and tie both ends into a tight knot.

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